About the Company

MeiTan is an international diversified group of companies, a beautiful and healthy life expert, working on to achieve customers, partners and employees dreams.


The Company was founded in 2003 in Barnaul, the capital of the Altai. It dynamically develops not only in Russia but also in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Estonia, Moldova, Romania, Belarus and other countries.



We are pleased to offer you various business opportunities and a quality, proven product – health products, effective cosmetics and hygiene products under the trademark MeiTan.

The MeiTan Company’s contract manufacturing is located in China, Thailand, Israel, India and Russia..

All products are manufactured in compliance with international production and quality control standards GMP and ISO 9001.

Product promotion is through a network of consultants.


The main value of the Company is people. They are consumers of Meitan products. They are consultants of the Company. These are the heads of the Company’s representative offices in the regions. We respect each of them, as well as the traditions and customs of the countries in which the Company is represented.

The Company’s work is based on universal values. Perfect adherence to these principles helps us to stand on our feet, remaining an Honest, Open, Reliable Company that respects its partners.