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Peeling Scrub for Feet Skin Code: HS-18

Active components Tea tree oil Shea butter This is a contemporary product, combining three procedures: cleansing, nutrition and health improvement of the

Multi Care Oil for Face, Hair and Body Code: PP-49


Active components Grape seed oil Увлажняет, насыщает кожу полезными микроэлементами, предотвращает первые признаки старения Fascinating multifunctional beauty product; perfectly nourishes, moisturizes and

Skin Youth Rejuvenating Hand and Foot Cream Code: SR-10


Active components Snake oil Улучшает обмен веществ, активизирует процессы регенерации кожи, стимулирует обновление клеток After just one use you feel an amazing

Hand Cream «Magic of Love»: PP-41


The saturated cocktail from tree oils – olive oil, shea butter and jojoba oil – represents a real treasury for softening, nourishing

Body Milk «Magic of Love» Code: PP-40

13.00 6.15

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Body Milk «Magic of Love» Code: PP-40

13.00 6.15

Give luxury recovering and strengthening care to your skin. The milk unlocks potential of the skin cells and works not only against

Facial and Body Sunscreen SPF 30 Code: ST-47


The milk protects facial and body skin against UVA and UVB rays, helping to get a beautiful and healthy suntan. The melting

Body Scrub with Sea Salt and Lavender Extract ST-50


This is a classic agent of SPA-care based on sea salt supplemented with natural extracts of lavender blossom trusses and ginseng roots.

Pearly Hand Cream T-056


Increases skin tonus and elasticity; Protects against premature ageing; Strengthens nails and restores their color; Contains SPF 15. Application method Apply the

Nourishing and Moisturizing Hand Cream T-007


Nourishes hand skin intensively; Saturates skin with life-giving moisture; Heals small lesions; Contains SPF 15; Contains aloe extract.

Skin Youth Rejuvenating Hand and Foot Cream


After just one use you feel an amazing effect of skin smoothing and softening. The rich cream nourishes hand and foot skin,

«Cool» After-Sun Body Milk ST-48


After sunbathing, the skin is dehydrated and needs additional care. The Milk calms down the skin, overheated in the sun, and gives

Rejuvenating Hand Cream with Orchid Extract T-127


Exercises comprehensive rejuvenating care for hand skin; Restores skin firmness and elasticity; Removes the feeling of tightness; Contains SPF 15; Contains orchid

Softening Hand Cream with Wild Rose Oil T-126


Exercises softening and moisturizing action on hand skin; Protects against negative factors of the environment; Recommended for dehydrated dry hand skin; Contains

Preventive foot cream SR-8


it has a high level of skin protection; it maintains the normal pH; it reduces irritation; it prevents the emergence of fungal