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Stain Removing Marker against Fresh Stains Code: MH-15


The marker neutralizes fresh stains from coffee, tea, wine, chocolate, sauces, fruits and baby food, lipsticks and make-up foundation in just 10

Highly-Concentrated Detergent for Glasses, Mirrors and Glazed Surfaces MH-11


This is an efficient and safe agent for providing cleanliness and gloss to glasses and glazed surfaces without blotchiness and stains. The

Highly-Concentrated Bathroom Cleaner MH-12


This is a highly-concentrated and effective agent for cleaning baths, sinks, shower cabinets and jacuzzi. It removes dirt, lime scale and rust

Highly-Concentrated Toilet Cleaning Gel MH-10


This high-qualitative, powerful and effective gel for cleaning water closets eliminates the most stubborn stains, urolith, rust and lime scale properly both